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Once you have had a cataract removed and an intraocular lens (IOL) placed inside your eye, you can never develop another cataract.  It is possible, however, for some scar tissue to develop on the back surface of your intraocular lens.  This condition is often referred to as a “secondary cataract”.  Secondary cataracts occur in about 30% of all patients that undergo cataract surgery.  Patients often complain that the vision is not quite as sharp as it was immediately after cataract surgery.  Often, patients will experience glare or halos when exposed to bright lights.    

Treatment for secondary cataracts is relatively simple and painless.  If your physician determines that your secondary cataracts are visually significant, they can be treated with a Yag laser.  The laser is used to break up the scar tissue and return your vision to the way it was after your cataract surgery.  The treatment is commonly performed in the office and just takes a few minutes.  Most patients feel comfortable driving home after the procedure.

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Secondary Cataract Surgery: News
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