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Welcome to Worthington Ophthalmology we are to have pleased to have you as a patient.  This page is intended to give you more info regarding your potential cataract surgery. We understand that the thought of surgery on you eye can be very scary and anxiety provoking.  Although most people won't look forward to having eye surgery, we want you to know that the procedure is brief, painless and highly successful.

At your consultation we will take measurements of your eyes in order to determine the appropriate lens for your eye.  A typical consult takes about 90 minutes and your eyes will be dilated.

Furthermore cataract surgery presents you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve your vision with and without glasses.  Cataract surgery has improved greatly over the last several decades, options now exist to minimize your dependence on glasses after the procedure.

Please understand there are numerous options associated with modern cataract surgery, and for some this can be overwhelming.  We provide these services for those patients that are highly motivated to reduce their dependence on glasses after surgery.  Some of our patients see cataract surgery as an opportunity to be free of glasses for some activities.  We also have patients that have been wearing glasses for years and would prefer to continue to wear bifocals after surgery.  This is a matter of personal preference, and there is no right or wrong answer.  We understand for many patients these options may not be financially feasible.  Please know that the standard implant lens allows for outstanding results and is in no way compromising your vision.  The only difference afterwards will be your dependence on glasses.  

We look forward to your visit.

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